Sunday, 18 October 2015

DIY Ukulele Strap

My boys are fascinated by Jason Mraz's I'm yours accompanied by Sungha Jung. They'd hold on to their ukuleles with a leg hiked up to support their ukuleles while strumming and singing along, losing balance once in a while. I thought they'd be more comfortable standing properly so I decided to make them a ukulele strap.

I went to my local craft store and found some buckles and a suitlable sized strap. 

Here's the finished ukulele strap.

Things you'll need.

1. Hard felt (I bought mine from Giant Supermarket. Came in packs of 10 pieces of A4, multiple colours)
2. Buckles. 
3. Strap.
4. Thin ribbon/string.
5. Hole punch

This is end that gets looped to the top of the ukulele. 

This is the other end that gets "buttoned" to the bottom of the ukulele.

This buckle enables you to lengthen or shorten the strap:

To attach the other end of the strap to the ukulele, I adhered one of these baby proofing accessory to the ukulele using strong double tape. No drilling required!

All in all, I spent approximately RM 5 per strap. That's really inexpensive right? 

Well, thanks for reading. Bye!

Saturday, 17 October 2015

Help! Broken Crayolas!!

My boys decided that it was fun removing their crayola wrappers and breaking them into small bits. It truly upset me because it made their crayons dirty and the box which I used to contain them all dirty as well. They also have a habit of dumping all the contents of their crayon box on the table while they draw. Not only was it difficult to find the colours, it was also difficult to tidy up after with so many broken pieces scattered everywhere. 

So, I researched online for some solutions and decided to try melting them. Here's a picture of their crayons before.

The only small sized silicone mould I have is this mini donut maker. It seemed to be the right size for the crayons.

I put the crayons in the oven left my kitchen. When I returned after a very short while, my kitchen was very smokey. The crayons melted very quickly and were smoking!! I thought there was a fire in my oven but there wasn't.

I took them out immediately and placed them in the fridge.

Here's a picture of them removed from the mould.

As you can see from the picture, the crayons have separated. The bottom yellowish portion draws clear while the top coloured portion works like a normal crayola. 

Overall, I'm disappointed with the results. Perhaps I left the crayons in my oven too long or the heat setting on my oven was too high. Oh well... What's done's done.

My advise if you want to attempt this, once you've put the crayons in your oven, watch your oven like a hawk. :)

Friday, 31 October 2014

DIY Gift Wrapping Paper and Tag

Frozen is so popular right now and my goddaughter had a frozen birthday party. To collaborate with the theme, I wrapped her gift with Kraft paper, stamped with snow and accented with glitter glue.

It took me a long time to figure out the type of tag that would best suit the gift because the gift is really big and all the tags die I have doesn't seem to match. So I ended up cutting out her name with my silhouette machine.

Here's a picture of the gift: 

I'm quite happy with how it turned out.

1. Paper: Kraft paper - Muji, White Card - Popular Bookstore
2. Stamps: Papertrey Ink Tremendous Treats - Christmas
3. Ink: Papertrey Ink Fresh Snow
4. Others: Glitter Glue - Diamond Stickle, Tinsel Strings - Singapore

Monday, 20 October 2014

Pillow Boxes

My church is giving away key chains to church members as birthday gifts this year. The coordinator suggested that each key chain be uniquely wrapped. 60+ unique wrapping is quite a big task. So the quickest way is using whatever box dies I have. 

Here are the few I made using my pillow box die.

Friday, 17 January 2014

Mini Scrapbook Album - Baby's First Year

I finally finished making my 1st scrapbook ever!!

It is a mini scrapbook album that I started when my sister in law gave birth to her baby girl, Candace.

Making the scrapbook pages was really difficult for me. I was stuck for at least 3 days on every page. Perhaps it was because I was trying too hard and thinking too much about what my SIL might want to put into the album. I was also discouraged halfway through because I was afraid that she might think the areas I've allocated for the pictures were too small. Moreover, I didn't have any acid free white coloured paper so I thought it would be a waste of my effort as the pictures would turn yellow after a while. So, I left the project laying on my table for about 3 months, then I kept it on my shelf for another 5 months. Finally, it was near Christmas time and I couldn't stand how messy my shelf was, so I decided to complete it an give it to my SIL for Christmas.

I bought the stamper's white card stock from Papertrey Ink. I'm not sure if they're acid free though. As for the pages, I used a variety of paper collections, from Echo Park to American Crafts. I'm not going to list them all down for this project as I can't even remember where the papers were from.

Well, when I continued the pages, I managed to do 1 page per night (after my twins have fallen asleep). I wasn't very happy with some page layouts, but I was determined to finish it so I stopped thinking and started doing. As I progressed, it got easier. When I was stuck, I went to Pinterest for inspiration.

So, enough said. Here's the album.

Here's a video showing the scrapbook pages (my first ever video).

Hope this inspires you to start your own mini scrapbook album.

Take care!

Saturday, 28 December 2013

Wedding Photo Booth

My cousin is getting married and I offered to help my aunt setup a photo booth for the wedding as  she was a big help during me and my siblings' weddings.

My cousin's wife to be loves purple and since the wedding is around Christmas time, she wanted to use snow as her theme. I offered to make a monogram for her but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Perhaps it was too late to add new stuff and themes. I was thinking of making some letter pressed coasters for her to give out as door gifts but held my tongue as I was already SWARMED with so many to-do's. Plus, I have NEVER letter pressed. Haha..

So... I had only 1 assignment. Photo booth. I made some props using my silhouette and extra long skewers. I was having trouble keeping the props on their sticks, ao my brother suggested using silicone (hot) glue. It worked like a charm and didn't look too ugly.

Here's a picture of the hot glue.

And here are some pictures of the props.

I bought some purple and silver ornaments to coordinate with the purple coloured photo booth backdrop. Here's a picture of the photo booth's side table. 

Well, I hope they liked it. :D

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

Christmas Tags

It's that time of the year again, Christmas! And yes, my mom asked me to make some stuff for her church pastors and their kids.. :D

I haven't been crafting for a while now so I was really rusty. Therefore, I pinterested, and pinterested, and pinterested for ideas and inspirations.

Guess it worked. I made these 3 tags for my mom. I'm quite happy how they turned up.

Materials used:

  1. Cardstock - Kraft Paper from 
  2. Ink - Fresh Snow, Papertrey Ink
  3. Stamps: Stampendous - Christmas Wishes, Papertrey Ink - Tin Types Stamp Set, Christmas Blessings Stamp Set & Mehndi Medallion Mini Stamp Set.
  4. Dies: Papertrey Ink Tag Sale #3
  5. Others: Rangers Stickles - Christmas Red, Spring Moss 5/8" Satin Dots Ribbon.
And for the kids, I used my silhouette to cut out some socks, stamped them and stitched them together. I was going to make 3 different ones but I've been extremely busy lately at home and at work so I decided to give myself a break and went with 1 design only. Here they are:

Merry Christmas people!