Saturday, 28 December 2013

Wedding Photo Booth

My cousin is getting married and I offered to help my aunt setup a photo booth for the wedding as  she was a big help during me and my siblings' weddings.

My cousin's wife to be loves purple and since the wedding is around Christmas time, she wanted to use snow as her theme. I offered to make a monogram for her but she wasn't too enthusiastic about it. Perhaps it was too late to add new stuff and themes. I was thinking of making some letter pressed coasters for her to give out as door gifts but held my tongue as I was already SWARMED with so many to-do's. Plus, I have NEVER letter pressed. Haha..

So... I had only 1 assignment. Photo booth. I made some props using my silhouette and extra long skewers. I was having trouble keeping the props on their sticks, ao my brother suggested using silicone (hot) glue. It worked like a charm and didn't look too ugly.

Here's a picture of the hot glue.

And here are some pictures of the props.

I bought some purple and silver ornaments to coordinate with the purple coloured photo booth backdrop. Here's a picture of the photo booth's side table. 

Well, I hope they liked it. :D

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