Sunday, 18 October 2015

DIY Ukulele Strap

My boys are fascinated by Jason Mraz's I'm yours accompanied by Sungha Jung. They'd hold on to their ukuleles with a leg hiked up to support their ukuleles while strumming and singing along, losing balance once in a while. I thought they'd be more comfortable standing properly so I decided to make them a ukulele strap.

I went to my local craft store and found some buckles and a suitlable sized strap. 

Here's the finished ukulele strap.

Things you'll need.

1. Hard felt (I bought mine from Giant Supermarket. Came in packs of 10 pieces of A4, multiple colours)
2. Buckles. 
3. Strap.
4. Thin ribbon/string.
5. Hole punch

This is end that gets looped to the top of the ukulele. 

This is the other end that gets "buttoned" to the bottom of the ukulele.

This buckle enables you to lengthen or shorten the strap:

To attach the other end of the strap to the ukulele, I adhered one of these baby proofing accessory to the ukulele using strong double tape. No drilling required!

All in all, I spent approximately RM 5 per strap. That's really inexpensive right? 

Well, thanks for reading. Bye!

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